How To Safelist a File




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    Don't expect Home users to know where to pull the SHA256 string in your tool.  I am assuming at this point I am suppose to enter the ridiculously long ID (hash) value from Cylance Desktop tool into the Add File dialog box as described above.  Would be *nice* if you provided a mechanism to more easily copy and paste that string.

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    Also, the option you are describing in this how to is not to add a file to the Safe List. This shows how to add it to the quarantine list. There is no option to directly add files to the allowed or safe list it seems like the only way is to first quarantine it then add it. This poses a problem for adding other Antivirus/Security software, for example, since it would either need to be shut down or they would battle it out over whether it can be quarantined or not.

    Also does not seem like there is an easy way to add multiple files or folders to either the quarantine or safe/allowed list making the process rather tedious.

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